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LaCrosse EA3010 Hand-Held Anemometer is the perfect tool for outdoor professionals or amateur meteorologists with an interest in knowledge about the wind! Easily carried in a shirt or pants pocket,
the approximately 4-inch by less than 2-inch anemometer is a small yet accurate wind-measuring device that also displays temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The anemometer provides
information on wind speed measured in mph, Knots, Km/h or m/s. It also measures wind chill.

Simple to operate, this LaCrosse hand-held anemometer features a Beaufort wind scale bar graph display and checks temperature at 10-second intervals. The anemometer also includes a backlit LCD
screen for easy viewing and is all in a water-resistant case.

The EA-3010U is powered by one CR2032 (3V) lithium battery, which is included and preinstalled. To maximize battery life, the anemometer automatically turns itself off after 34 minutes if no button is
pressed during that time. For reliability, the manufacturer recommends that you replace the battery annually.
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EA-3010 La Crosse Anemometer (Wind meter)
- Pocket-sized for easy transport.
- Includes neckband.
- Simple to operate.
- Ideal for outdoor professionals or amateurs.
- Weather-resistant case.
- Instruction manual included.

- Temperature measuring/operating range: -29.9 to +59C with 0.1C resolution
- Temperature checking interval: every 10 seconds
- Wind speed measuring range: Min 0.4 mph (0.2 m/s) to Max 67 mph (30 m/s)
- Power source: one CR2032 (3V) lithium cell
- Battery life: approximately 12 months
- Dimensions (mm): 39 wide x 98 high x 17 thick