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ENVI - Whole House Power Consumption Meter

Monitor, control and save electricity.

Electricity costs are now extremely high. With all the extra appliances and lighting in our homes and offices it is very difficult to keep in control of our expenditure on electricity. The electricity used whilst in standby mode
can add up to significant amounts across weeks, months, and years. Often people just leave their items switched on or in standby mode, this costs you a lot of money and wastes energy. Our Energy Control Monitor
allows you to see your instant power consumption in KWatt and $. It will instantly display what the effect of turning off individual appliances, Hi Fi, computer equipment, lights, electric heaters etc has on your electricity
costs. You can then ensure that you turn off, or use equipment, lights, appliances in a more efficient way saving you money. This meter helps people and companies ensure that they turn all relevant equipment fully off.

How it works

The product consists of two main parts, a sensor (transmitter) and a display (receiver). The sensor
is clipped around the main live cable between the electricity meter and the fuse box (no need to cut
wires). Data is then sent via the battery operated transmitter to the display unit. The display unit will
then show the data it receives in real time. You can easily input your current electricity price, the
monitor will then show much you are spending on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. It is also
possible to input two prices if you use off peak supply prices.

The monitor is supplied with a wireless transmittor & a single clamp sensor (three clamp sensors are
supplied on the three phase power supply model). Simply clip the one or three clamps around your
power lines in your fuse box and the combined power consumption is transmitted back to the
receiver in real time and displayed on the screen. No wire cutting required, clamps are as simple as
pegging clothes on a line.Email us for sample photos of an easy 3 phase wireless installation.

The unit can store up to 4 years worth of data. This data can be downloaded onto a PC either
directly via a hyper link terminal in windows, or via some simple software which you can download.
A PC link cable is supplied for you to make the connection, and the instructions for setting up the
connection is supplied.

Main Specifications/ Features

Transmitter size: 12cm x 7cm x 3cm
2 Transmitter Batteries D Cell
Battery life >6 years
Rated energy source: European 230VAC 50Hz
Sensor Current Sensitivity: 50mA
Sensor Maximum Rated Current: 100A
Wireless Transmission Mode: 433MHz SRD band
Modulation: digital
Effective Duty Cycle: <10%
ERP: 5Mw
Max 300A 600V for clamp
Accommodate Max cable size 30mm diameter
Display Size: 14cm x 9cm x 2.7 cm (7cm base)
24 hour rolling consumption (bar graph) display
Display: Liquid Crystal segmented display
Subordinate services: Clock Time (24hr), Room Temperature (0-29C)
Recognition method: Initiated by sensor
Receiver: 433MHz SRD band
RJ45 to USB Prolific PC link cable

Simple to install and a valuable tool for monitoring your power consumption.


If you are interested in monitoring your energy consumption then you can use this unit to simply
monitor your total Watt consumption. The easy to read screen display shows the power being
drawn, an estimate of your electricity cost as well as historical data in a graph and KWatt totals.

A great test is to turn everything off in the house then see what your power consumption goes
down to....then it is time to look for those hidden (and expensive) energy wasters

We know that our normal light globes use 100 watts our down lights use 50 watts and our fluro tube
lights use 35 watts but who knows what their TV, computer, stereo, dryer, washing machine,
vacuum, kettle, toaster, pool pump and the second fridge use.

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