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Heavyweather PRO V1.1 PC Software:

Download Heavyweather PRO V1.1 PC software for use with the WS-3600.

Users can access the latest weather information from their PC, receiving up to 1750 sets of weather data recorded by the base station. This information can then be used
to generate useful statistics and charts on Excel spreadsheets (Excel not included). Unlimited data sets can be transferred to PC memory for indefinite history records.

Download Heavyweather PRO V1.1 Software

Heavyweather Publisher V.1 PC Software:

The Publisher is the essential tool for emailing and uploading the latest weather data from the weather station to the web or your FTP Server. (See an example)

How does the Publisher work?
- The Publisher is used to publish weather information over the Internet
- Created weather images can be emailed to a list of recipients
- The latest weather images can be used at user defined intervals for uploading to an FTP server

Download WS-3600 Heavyweather Publisher V.1 Software

For Software For The WS-2310 visit: Heavy Weather Software

For Software For The WS-1050 (BW976) visit: Bios Software

Foreca "4-Day Weather Forecast" Software for the WF-5000 & WF-5600: Foreca Software


For a full list of LaCrosse including WS-3600 & WS-2310 instruction manuals see: Heavy Weather Instructions

Instruction manual for WS-1000 (DG950): Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for WS-1050 (BW976): Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for WS-1510-IT: Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for WS-2300 / 2307 / 2308: Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for WS-3600: Instruction Manual

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